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Panasoca plays last friendly to Sub Middle league

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Pan Africa Soccer Academy, wraps up preparation towards the Central zone Sub Middle league with a friendly against Diamond Fc on Wednesday, September 20, 2017.

The match which becomes the second time the two sides will be meeting is scheduled to kick off at 2:30pm at the Ho Sports Stadium.

Panasoca, on Thursday, August 31, thrash Diamond 5-2 at the Ho Sports Stadium and their second meeting looks cagier.

While Pan Africa has gone unbeaten in group B of the Volta regional div 2 league central zone, Diamond Fc has won 1 match and lost 1 match in the ongoing Ho Municipal div. 3 league. The friendly will however also form part of their preparation towards their second home game against Holy Fc at the Lokoe Pavilion Park on Sunday.

Head Coach, Asamoah Dzifa tells, he wants to work on some strategies with his boys against Diamond Fc towards the Sub Middle league on Friday.

“We are playing this friendly purposely to see our tactical approach to the Sub Middle league. We have worked on a number of things and I must see it being applied in a match. I am not looking at the type of opponent but what my boys will be capable of doing. The fact that we beat them with a wide margin last time doesn’t mean we can beat them with same margin.”

Meanwhile, Panasoca is set to open his Sub Middle league with a tie against Area 51 Fc on Friday, a team they are yet to beat since joining the regional league.

A race for the Middle league and consequently to Ghana’s second tier (division 1) is at stake, with clubs like Homestars, and Tsame Young Stars from Group A, all in contention.



By: Davis Attuquaye Clottey (PRO)

Call Coach Dzifa on 0243153124